New York Academy of Voodoo Science?

I suppose what initially caught my eye was the nearly naked man well hung with bananas (!) on the front cover. But that wouldn't have been enough to get me to buy the magazine to read as I flew to the MUFON Symposium in St. Louis. What said "buy" was the list of articles across the top of the page, with "Roswell Cover Up" sandwiched between "Industrial Ecology" and "X-Ray Eye." I quickly grabbed the 'zine and found the Roswell article entitled, "Welcome to Planet Earth." What I didn't fully realize until later, when reading the article on the plane, was that I was face to face with "voodoo science" published by the New York Academy of Sciences (May/June issue, 2000). [Read More]

UFO Landing Near Kirtland Air Force Base: Welcome to the Cosmic Watergate

This article was written in 1985, several years before the initial MJ-12 documents (Eisenhower Briefing Document, Aquarius Document, etc.) became public knowledge and many years before the controversy over Richard Doty's activities. At the time, I was not interested in the Paul Bennewitz aspect of the Kirtland UFO activity. I was only interested in the report of actual sightings of unidentified objects at or near Kirtland Air Force Base. Hence the Bennewitz controversy (and Bill Moore's activities related to Bennewitz, activities not revealed until the late 1980's) are only discussed briefly. [Read More]

Report On Phoenix Light Arrays

Although there have been numerous sightings of bright lights in the sky south of Phoenix by various witnesses over the years, the lights seen on the nights of March 13, 1997 and January 14, 1998 were particularly valuable for study because (1) rather unique arrangements of lights within the arrays made the identification of specific lights that appeared in two or more videos quite conclusive and (2) the witnesses were in widely separated locations so it was possible to use triangulation methods to determine the locations of the lights to within, say five to ten miles. Although one could have asked for better accuracy in triangulation, the fact is that 10, even 20 mile accuracy was sufficient to determine whether the lights were nearby (within 20 miles of Phoenix) or far away (more than 60 miles away). [Read More]

CIA's UFO Explanation Is Preposterous

In 1997 the CIA published an article that describes its involvement in the history of UFO phenomena. (The article is published in the unclassified version of "Studies in Intelligence," a twice-yearly CIA journal. It is available at the CIA website.) According to historian and author Jerry Haines, the CIA believed that when the U-2 high altitude spy plane began flying in early August, 1955, "commercial pilots and air traffic controllers began reporting a large increase in UFO sightings." [Read More]

The Orb Phenomenon

In recent years a number of people have reported finding anomalous circular images, often called "orbs," in photos taken at night with a flash, under seemingly ordinary conditions. The photos have been taken both outdoors and indoors. These photos were not taken under "conventional UFO," conditions, i.e., there were no strange lights or objects visible to the photographer. [Read More]

Facts About the UFO / FBI Connection: "The REAL X-Files"

THIS BOOK IS BASED ON THE FILES OF THE FBI, AIR FORCE INTELLIGENCE AND THE CIA. It tells the history of the FBI involvement and of the Air Force activities as seen through the "eyes" of the FBI. The AF told the FBI things that it didn't tell the American people! [Read More]

The Trent Farm Photos

During the Air Force funded investigation of UFO reports at the University of Colorado in 1967-1968 (the "Condon Report"), photoanalyst William Hartmann studied in detail photographic and verbal evidence presented by two former residents of McMinnville, Oregon, Paul and Evelyn Trent. He concluded, mainly on the basis of a simplified photometric analysis, that "all factors investigated, geometrical, psychological and physical, appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary flying object, silvery, metallic, disk shaped, tens of meters in diameter and evidently artificial, flew within sight of two witnesses." [Read More]

The Trent Farm Photos Appendix

This appendix is provided to supply certain supplemental information that will prove useful in evaluating the analysis presented in the main text, in particular the analysis related to the determination of the amount and effects of veiling glare. The information is provided in a series of figures, each of which is described below . Further information is available from the author. [Read More]

The McMinnville Photos

After seeing the analysis of Klass and Sheaffer, Hartmann revised his opinion: "I think Sheaffer's work removes the McMinnville case from consideration as evidence for the exstence of disklike artificial aircraft...(and it) proves once again how difficult it is for any one solve all the cases. Perhaps no one has the experience for that because there are too many phenomena and methods for hoaxing." [Read More]

Prosiac Explanations: The Failure of UFO Skepticism

Could some UFO sightings actually be manifestations of Other Intelligences (OIs) or Non-Human Intelligences (NHIs) such as extraterrestrials (ETs), visiting the earth and interacting with human beings? Or are all reports of such sightings simply mistakes, hoaxes, or dreams of the hopeful believers? It all comes down to explanation. [Read More]

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