Recently (summer, fall, 2010) there has been much discussion about what happens after “disclosure” occurs. What will be the effect on civilization, humanity, etc.? 

I first provided a discussion of this in 1987.  I then updated in 2008.  What follows is my take on what might happen “After Disclosure.”






Speculation, questions and crytic comments about the EBEs

by Bruce Maccabee   (JANUARY 2008)



A paper with this title was originally published in the MUFON JOURNAL in February, 1987, in anticipation of the possibly dire consequences for civilization of the then-future release of the famous (notorious?)  MJ-12/EISENHOWER BRIEFING DOCUMENT (EBD) which, if taken at face value, was evidence of both UFO reality and government cover-up.  Of course, we now know that the consequences were not “dire;” in fact the document had hardly any effect on civilization.  Nevertheless, the discussion presented below is still germane to the question of what happens when absolute, incontrovertible proof becomes available. 


Note that the expression "EBE", which appears in the EBD, was not in the general UFO literature of the time (only a few people had read the EBD).  It was formally introduced to ufologists in this 1987 paper. 


What appears below is a somewhat updated version of the 1987 paper combined with a short section abstracted from "Abduction in My Life," a novel with a built-in fact book, available from this author.) 





     Let's SUPPOSE that UFOs are real and that at least some are craft piloted by intelligent ENTITIES. (Hence this type of UFO is an ALIEN FLYING CRAFT - AFC.)  Numerous accounts in the literature indicate that the entities appear to be living creatures rather than robots.  Thus they could be BIOLOGICAL ENTITIES.  Where are they from?  I don't know, but indications are that they are not from this planet and/or this time.  This could make them EXTRATERRESTRIAL.  These words can be combined in the expression EXTRATERRESTRIAL BIOLOGICAL ENTITIES, abbreviated as EBEs.  The EBEs are extraterrestrial aliens.

     This paper is NOT concerned with "are the EBEs here?" This paper is concerned with the following subject:





     When you suddenly realize that they are real....THEY ARE REAL  (shall I repeat it again?)... that they can travel about virtually at their will and we can't stop them (perhaps we can't even see them as they travel at high speed), that they can interfere with us or not as they desire, that some people have been used as physical and probably also as psychological guinea pigs (the abductees), you may start to lose your sense of perspective.  You may become frightened of that which is unknown and therefore uncontrollable...the ultimate fear of the unknown. 




     To help combat that fear you have to realize that they have been around for at least 60 years and haven't taken over - (at least not yet).  On the other hand, if they have been around for 60 years, why not 600 or 6,000 or....  If they have been around for this long then it would appear that OVERT INTERFERENCE WITH HUMAN SOCIETY IS NOT THEIR GOAL (at least not yet).  YOU STILL HAVE YOUR OWN "FREE WILL" TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT IN RELATION TO HUMAN AFFAIRS (except, perhaps for abductees).  (Covert interference may have already occurred, however.)

     Will you panic when you realize that they can travel about wherever they want to go, when you realize that they can interfere with us any way they wish?  Will your first instinctive reaction be to hide - to "head for the hills?"  And what happens when you realize that they can "get" you in the "hills," too?  Do you sit still and wait...and worry?  Or do you place other priorities in life ahead of thinking about the implications of AFCs? 

     Most people consider important problems to be similar or identical to the following: putting food on one's table and a roof over one's head; transportation; population growth; pollution (connected with population growth); justice for one vs. justice for many; peace; war; and relations with in-laws.  For the largest fraction of the human population (99%?) these problems are of much greater importance than whether or not AFCs and aliens are flying around doing their thing.  For most people the potential problems posed by alien visitations are at the bottom of the importance scale, even below such pressing issues as "Is Tiger Woods getting rusty?", “Is Linsey Lohan out of jail?”, "Which team will win the Super Bowl/World Series/etc.? (non-USA readers can substitute soccer or the major sports of your own countries)", "Which TV program should I watch now?", "Which beer should I drink?", "Should I take my umbrella in case of rain?" and "Which is the best route to work during the rush hour?"  In other words, the effects of alien visitation are at the "noise level" of problems in our civilization.  The problems inherent in alien visitation may affect tens or hundreds of thousands, perhaps even a few millions of people the world over.  However, this is a mere DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to the over 5 billion people on earth.  Accidents, disease, famine and war affect many, many more people.  And it should probably STAY THAT WAY, at least for a while.  If a major portion of the population actually started to seriously consider the implications of alien visitation it could precipitate major changes in civilization.  Without going into details, suffice it to say that our understandings of religion and science would be greatly affected.  No doubt there would also be impacts on politics, economics and other human affairs.  Could we cope with these changes?  Perhaps, if we prepare ourselves.




     Why prepare myself, you ask?

     Your personal survival, psychological and even physical, could depend on it, say I.

     Yes, but there is no CONCLUSIVE PROOF, say you, so why now?

    Even without "conclusive proof" (how much "proof" do you need?) you can prepare for eventualities.  If you are told that there is a poisonous snake in the grass do you wait until you step on it to put on your thick boots? (Note: this is a paraphrase of a small paragraph in a UFO document released over 30 years ago by the USA's National Security Agency.)

     How, I ask, are you going to come to grips with the new reality that the human race is not the center of the universe?  What if humans are to THEM as monkeys are to US?  What if their civilization is a million years old?  How can we cope with such a huge difference in knowledge and experience? (Why might we think that we could cope with THEM when we can't even cope with ourselves?)  Would we suffer a "technology and culture shock" similar to that of an ancient Greek philosopher suddenly placed within our present civilization (extreme "future shock")?  Would everything they do appear as "magic?"  After all, "magic" or "miraculous” could simply be code words for "I don't know how to do that (yet)," words used to describe the end product of a technology we don't understand.  Consider you car, for example.  Do you completely understand it?  Or do you think it "miraculous" that the car manages to run after you turn the key?  How about your DVD player, do you know how to fix it if it breaks?  How about your computer, or an airplane, or your digital watch?  For those of you who wear glasses:  do you know why they make it possible for you to read these words?  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ANY OF THE FUNDAMENTALS BEHIND THE TECHNOLOGIES WHICH WE TAKE FOR GRANTED THESE DAYS?  Or are you (I have to be "politically correct" in this phrasing) "TECHNICALLY  CHALLENGED?" The fact is that even the geniuses of today DON'T UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING.  And then there is the "ultimate miracle:"  YOUR OWN BODY AND MIND.  Do you understand yourself?  And, if not, HOW CAN YOU HOPE TO UNDERSTAND AN ALIEN OR AN ALIEN TECHNOLOGY?  (I suppose that at best you could hope to understand pieces of it, just as you understand only pieces of human life/science/technology/psychology/sociology/etc.)

     What if we have something they need?  Can we give it without losing ourselves? 




     So, what will you do?  Will you bow down?  Will you try to become "buddy-buddy" with the aliens and curry favor?  Will you run and hide, and if so, where?  Will you become "paralienoid" (the fear that aliens are watching you and waiting for a chance to do you harm)?  Will you become more or less religious?  Will you found a religion?  Will you suffer from PAST SHOCK when you realize that human history in general, and perhaps even your own personal history, is not what you thought it was?  (PAST SHOCK - a term I invented that is comparable to the well-known FUTURE SHOCK -  is a reaction to learning that history is radically different from what you have been told.)  Will you HOLD YOURSELF TOGETHER...or will you FLY APART?  If you don't give some thought to these questions you won't be prepared. 




     It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  That is because JUST TO KNOW SOMETHING has consequences even if you don't "use" that knowledge.  The knowledge of Good and Evil changed the world of Adam and Eve (we are told).  The knowledge of writing and basic technologies (metal working, weaving, building, sailing, etc.) and basic science (astronomy, medicine, geometry, etc.) slowly - over thousands of years - changed civilization from ancient to medieval.  Knowledge of the Galilean and Newtonian mechanics and astronomy and mathematics (and a lot of other things) rather rapidly - over a few hundred years - changed the medieval world.  The knowledge of atoms, nuclear energy, quantum mechanics, nanotechnology, biology, evolution and cosmology has rapidly changed – over a hundred years -  the post-renaissance world.  The rapid creation of new knowledge is changing our present world noticeably over periods of years to tens of years... even as you read these words!  We may also expect that knowledge of the presence of alien intelligences will change our modern world.  There will be a sudden "bend" in the road of history.  At least part of the future will not be simply an extrapolation of the past.





      Will people flock to churches?  Will the stock market drop?  Will politicians claim they have the solutions to all the problems?  Will political systems fall apart?  Will the rich get poorer and the poor get richer?  Will the smart get smarter and the "intelligence-challenged" get more challenged?  Will the meek inherit the earth?  Will one government gain ascendancy over the rest or will they all fall apart?  Will people owe their allegiance to their own governments and societies, or will they owe their allegiance to an extraterrestrial government?  Will people unite against a "common threat" or will there be total anarchy?  Or will none of this happen and instead the world will go on as before with only a modification of our understanding of our place in the universe? (I hope, I hope!)

     The answers to these questions are of immense importance...they may determine the fate of mankind.  They touch on the very roots of civilization and its trappings.  But they must be handled delicately so that no one will panic. 

     One of the most pressing questions is this:  do they love us, hate us or are they indifferent?  One may infer they don’t hate us because we are still here.  There is not much one can infer from indifference; they would do whatever they want and they wouldn’t consider or worry about any consequences to us.  Questions related to facing “love” are, did they make us, are they genetically related to us, or did they discover us during explorations of the universe?  If they discovered us, when?  Recently or thousands of years ago?  And, if they discovered us many years ago, did they insert themselves into our history by “contacting” our ancestors or by genetic manipulation or in some other way?

     If they made us from the ground up (from the "dust") or if they modified some existing species on the earth then they are the Creator and we are their creations, perhaps even made in their image, whether physical or mental or both.  If this is so, then they may love us in the same way that an artist or parent loves his/her creation or a teacher loves his students.  If they simply discovered us during their travels through the universe they may feel indifferent toward us, although interested from a scientific point of view.  Or, perhaps they need something from us.  Or maybe they just like some toys to play with.  Maybe earth is their “Jurassic Park.”

     One can deduce from the experiences of the abductees that they often treat us the way we treat laboratory animals (although laboratory animals at the hands of humans often fare much worse than abductees at the hands of the aliens!).  This suggests that they are more or less indifferent to us...but this could be a misreading of their intentions.  Maybe they are trying to make us better or to figure out a way to “join” with us.  Hybrids might be the first step in that.


     As for other questions in the previous paragraphs...I have no answers.  It appears that we must wait until they tell us.  Then we must hope they speak the truth because we would have no way of independently verifying what they tell us. 




     WHAT IF THEY ARE REAL?   The consequences are not too awesome to contemplate... but they are too awesome to ignore and may be too awesome to understand!!