Scanned Slide Photos of the C-T Memorandum

FIGURE 1 The complete Cutler-Twining memorandum by Bruce Maccabee

August, 2007
Here are three scans of slide photos made about 20 years ago. Unfortunately for present purposes I used them in numerous slide presentations and they were scratched. However, these slides are clear enough to show the creases in the document, the slight yellowing around the edges (and near the creases) and the red "dash" line across the security marking. It is to be noted that the document was photographed lying on white paper in order to show the contrast between white paper and the onionskin. The color balance in these scans is not exactly correct, being "too blue" as compared to the slides. Figure 1 shows the whole document. There is a ruler marked in centimeters at the left side which provides a dimensional reference. The creases are easily seen in this image. Figure 2 is a close up of the upper half of the document and Figure 3 is a close up of the lower half (ignore the vertical lines which that run across the whole image).

FIGURE 2 Upper half of CT memo
FIGURE 3 Lower half of CT memo. For a discussion of the discovery and analysis of the C-T memo see "TOP SECRET, MAJIC" by Stanton Friedman, pg 86 onward.