(FROM THE Abduction BOOK)
     I looked out through the open right side door at the ground.  The white
     snow was blinding under this light.  Then I noticed that a large blue
     spot had appeared on the snow.   The blue spot was made by another blue
     beam that had come down from above.
     And then I got the shock of my life.
     Coming down the blue beam were...feet...not human feet...and a
     body...not a human body...and finally a head...not a human head.   A
     Clearly this was not an Air Force experiment.  This creature was not
     human.  It was greyish white and looked like, well, it looked like a
     young child,  but with an oversized head.  It was bald.  Its shape was
     like a human but it wasn't a human like I had ever seen or read about.
     Its feet reached a point several feet above the ground and then it
     glided...that's how I would have to describe it...its legs didn't move
     like human legs...it glided out of the beam toward me.
     I was totally beside myself.  I  was in a panic.  I wanted to run but
     that white light was all around the truck.  Where could I go?  I was
     trapped and the creature was getting closer.
     My brain was screaming, start the truck!   Duane's gone.  Nothing you
     can do for him now.  Get the hell out of here, now!
     I turned the key.  Nothing.  I didn't even hear the starter solenoid
     click.  The radio had been on when we turned the truck off.  It should
     have turned on when I turned the key.  Nothing.   I was frozen over
     with fear.
     My right hand, holding the keys, started to tingle.  Damn that beam, I
     Then I noticed, the right side door was still open.
     My first thought was to close it!  Lock it!
     I reached outside and grabbed the door handle.  I pulled it as hard as
     I could.  At least I thought  I pulled it hard.
     But nothing happened.
     It was too late.   All the strength went out of me.
     The creature was standing right there...beside the door.
     It was staring at me.  It was looking directly at my eyes.
     I was looking back.  I couldn’t turn my eyes away.
     It's eyes were so huge.  So black.  So flowing.  Like a deep river.
     Like the black velvet of the starry sky...
     I don’t know why, but I wasn’t scared any more.
     A thought came into my brain, “Where have I seen those eyes before?”
     A feeling of recognition went through me.
     And then I felt safe, like it was my friend, or something
     Maybe I even felt......
       (long pause)

This is a novel of the future.....

about a confirmed skeptic who finds that UFOs are a lot closer to home than he ever would have imagined. This book is unique in its format. It includes a referenced book of UFO facts that is built into the story. This is unlike other UFO fiction books. Other books present factual information as part of the fiction story but the facts are not clearly designated as such, so that the reader who is not thoroughly familiar with the UFO subject would not recognize them as factual. That is, the typical reader would not know what is fact and what is fiction while reading other UFO fiction books. However, in this book it will be clear. As the main character in the book reads and reacts to the inner fact-book, so will you, dear reader. Furthermore, you may well understand the reactions of the main character to what he has read. But more than just conveying facts, this book provides an interesting story based on the adventures of UFO investigators and on the ever-growing literature about alien abductions. What are the implications of alien reality for the human culture, science, religion, politics? And before we start to worry about the impact of aliens on our society, what about the impact of what we are doing to ourselves? For example, if you think the "health care crisis" is bad now when people still die of old age (if nothing else), wait until people in developed countries start to live well over a hundred years. What are the costs to society to keep someone alive as long as possible? Will each person become a "six million dollar man?" As this book points out, nowadays the longer you live, the longer you are likely to live. But will you want to live? If we can't cope with ourselves, how can we hope to cope with them? My hope is that the reader will begin to question his/her assumptions and beliefs about what we consider to be reality, what we consider to be true and what is believed to be true. My hope is that this book will cause the reader to reflect on and prepare him/herself for a future that is coming, whether we are prepared or not. ................................... Available from www.Amazon.com and bookstores or contact me directly. Also available is my best-selling book, THE FBI CIA UFO CONNECTION (Amazon) which provides historical justification for serious consideration of the UFO phenomenon. This book presents the early UFO history as recorded in the files of the FBI which DID investigate flying saucer sightings in 1947 and which did collect and store information supplied by the Air Force and by witnesses from 1947 into the early 1960's. The FBI file contains some information not found in the publicly released Air Force file. In THE UFO FBI CONNECTION I have recreated the history from information contained not only in the FBI file, but also the publicly released files of the Air Force Intelligence and the CIA. The resulting history shows that there were real objects flying around which the Air Force publicly denied. Readers of Richard Dolan's UFOS AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE will find further information on the early years, and a novel perspective on how the government "tradition," that there is nothing to flying saucer reports (all are misidentifications, delusions or hoaxes) , was established by the early 1950's. Also, in THE FBI CIA UFO CONNECTION there is a discussion of the importance of the "Estimate of the Situation" and the impact of its rejection by General Vandenberg in the fall of 1948. This was a key event in the history of the subject which has not been sufficiently emphasized in other books.